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This is getting ridiculous.
Some concerned members of interweb community keep on marking my picasa images as obscene and google guys nuke them immediately without bothering to inform me what exactly is deleted. Just dropping me an autonote like 'one or more images blah blah'.
I dont't know...
What do you think - if I close galleries for public view (links from here to specific posters will stay as they are now) - will this do the trick? Or it's time to change image hosting?
Because this starts to seriously piss me off. :(


  1. Don't let a couple of assholes get you down. This site must LIVE!

    I don't know about switching to another a image host, as all of the one I have come across have the same vague definition of obscene.

  2. Thanks Undead.
    Gotta think this over. I really don't want to bury this blog. But if Google keeps on deleting the sourse images - it's not much left here to look at.

  3. Maybe move to Or can you make your folders private in Flickr, yet still available for your site? Not sure how that works... Good luck though. I enjoy the site a lot.

  4. I'm not sure if flickr would be better... You'd probably just be labeled an adult account, but anyone without restricted settings could see the images. We could get you a free pro account (for a year at least) if you'd like one. It would be the least we could do for how much we've enjoyed your posts.

  5. Thanks Valerie. But I'm already on a pro account, this does not help much :)
    I'm thinking about making galleries private. This won't cause any problems to me or you, everything will stay as it is now. But this will make all images invisible for google and random internet retards.

  6. I was going to suggest Flickr as well. Is there any downside to having images labeled as adult other than having the user be warned about them before they view them on the Flickr site? I've been using Flickr for ages and have found it to be a great service.

  7. I don't know. I've never been using any other image hosting other then picasa. Which I found really great for sorting and browsing.

  8. Flickr should be fine, if you set them to private you can still link to the image and anyone can see it. Photobucket is outrageous, I've had the tamest of photos deleted for being "obscene". But please keep this awesome place up and going!

  9. Anonymous is right (damn you are every where Anonymous) Photobucket is worse than Google when it comes to "adult" content. Photobucket is NOT the way to go.

  10. Photobucket is horrible! They deleted all of my photos once they saw there were nudes in there and I had to retrieve them all from Yahoo! Photos, which was in the process of closing. Flickr is the way to go. I have all of my pictures, including thousands of nudes, safe and sound on there.