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Matchless (1967, Italy)

Matchless (1967, Italy) movie poster
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  1. Dear Friend,
    We are a group of Italian bloggers. After the racist declaration of Italian first minister (Silvio Berlusconi) concerning the skin colour of Mr. Barack Obama, U.S. Elected President, we decided to start a collective blog against this kind of racism. The name of the blog is: YES WE ARE DIFFERENT! There you can find our statement. We don’t share this kind of declaration and we would show and inform about it. Our target is to notify that many Italians are not racist. Actually we are still organize to find the right way to publish a page on foreign newspaper to mark our ideas. In the mean time we use the blog to get more supports. First of all: we don’t ask you any financial help! We only kindly ask you to help us, if you share our position would be nice to include a link on your site. This is not a commercial site or a spam. All cost will supported by our groups of bloggers, but is important for us to have more highlighting on the web. We confirm this is not a spam project and the only target is to fight against any kind of racism.
    We thank you in advance for your help.

  2. Dear Silvano.
    Okay, I don't consider this comment as a spam.
    But unfortunately I happen to love jokes about skin color (ANY skin color). I also love jokes about religion, obesity and homosexuality. Why not?
    Anyway, good luck.

  3. Ok, I love jokes too, but Berluconi didn't joke.
    Anyway bye.