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So. Monsters finally butchered my Picasa account "due to constant violation of terms". Alligator ate my pet puppy. You still can see thumbnails here, but no larger images available.
It was not really a surprise, but I feel quite shitty anyway. And since this blog is nothing without its archive I'm taking a vacation for now until I decide what to do next.


  1. Sorry to read about the problems Picasa is giving you. I enjoyed the hell out of your blog and appreciated the effort. Here's hoping a return will occur.

  2. Hello

    I'm also one of those who appreciated your work a lot. Hopefully you'll show up again someplace: thank you really a lot for your good work!

  3. Terrible news. I hope you decide to migrate everything to another image host, though I know it would be a tremendous task. I also appreciated the work you did here.

  4. Terrible news - this is an incredible archive. I hope you find a way to restore it.

  5. "Although we've come
    to the end of the road
    Still I can't let you go
    It's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you!"

    First Bettie Page and now this!

    Peace be with you Wrong side of the art. I'll see you on the other side.

  6. I really do love your site. Please find a way. You find such great images I'm never seen before.

  7. Why don't you put up a torrent/rapidshare/megaupload with all your poster images?

  8. That is really too bad! I was a big fan of your collection and keeping up with it. Any thoughts on starting a Flickr account for them?

    I've been using it to catalog a decent amount of images and its been great:

  9. I had just discovered this incredible site 2 weeks ago. I wish it had been sooner.

    hopefully you be able to continue somehow.
    your collection is incredible!


  10. I'm sorry the archive is gone, it's too valuable a resource to lose. If you posted a PayPal link I think we'd all be happy to help donate toward a Flickr Pro account for reposting the images.

  11. Hi Wrong!
    Please come back!
    You're part of my daily routine
    it would suck without you

    all the best Pablo Muerte

  12. Sad! the flickr pro offer still stands.

  13. PLEEEESE Don't let us without your beautiful Posters!!!!!!!!

    Infinite sadness!!!!!!!!


  14. I´m so sorry
    hope some day will come back

  15. so sorry
    hope you will be back someday

  16. Maybe you can upload all the files published to an account rapidshare or similar compress in rar format.
    I was downloading the posters and I have remained by the half. Thanks.

  17. Please come back--this was the best site on the web for finding posters of obscure movies.

    Best wishes


  18. Your collection is VERY BEAUTIFUL...
    Don't let us without...


  19. Sorry, I was absent a little and when I return to visit your gallery the monsters had eaten it, I really enjoyed your work I hope you return soon with a new project.

    Thanks for all.


  20. Sorry to hear it. Your collection is the best. I hope you can find another way to make it available.

    Thanks for the posters.

  21. Loved to check your blog everyday for high quality poster awesomeness, hope you can find a way to continue, cheers!

  22. Man, that freaking sucks! I agree with having a torrent with all the posters. They were so wicked and bad ass!

    Or maybe you can suggest another place for us?

  23. I am very sorry to hear this.

    Your blog was one of my daily visual intoxications, visited regulary 2-3 times a day... sorry that the philistines over at Picasaweb decided to shut you down.

    Your collection was monumental, and collected with an expert eye for beautiful sleaze, and I sincerely hope that you find another source for hosting all those images.

    Keep on truckin'!

  24. Love(d) your blog! Hope you can make a comeback.